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Food, Clothing, and Household Items

Clients are eligible for a variety of services, including food hampers and E-Cards to purchase clothing and basic household goods with!

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Referrals and Anger Management Courses

W offer a variety of courses, including Anger Management. Admission is always free, and we strive to provide a supportive and welcoming environment!

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Women's Day

From tea and snacks to laughing Yoga, Women's Day is a program every Tuesday that aims to provide a safe and nurturing environment for women.

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Who we are and what we Do!

The Social Concern Office is the arm of the Saint Vincent de Paul Society of Vancouver Island tasked with interacting with the disadvantaged, and putting into practice on a daily basis the ideals espoused by our founders. It is our privledge to provide emergency food for singles and families, as well as material support for much needed items such as clothing, blankets, hygiene items, household items, and in some cases rent payment assistance. From around March-September, we also provide an income tax preparation service for those who are not self-employed, and make less than $25,000 per year.

Our office is composed mainly of caring, compassionate persons, who voluntarily give their time to make our services possible, and also a compact group of staff that ensures the highest possible level of service is maintained.

Who do we help?

Simply put, we help those deemed to be in need. The demographic we serve are those that fall below the government established poverty line, which can be for a variety of reasons. We do not discriminate against race, religion, creed, physical ability, or anything else. All persons are equal and worthy of being helped, in our estimation.


We are happy to receive your services as a volunteer, and hope that your experiences here will be personally rewarding!

The Social Concern Office offers a varied schedule of volunteers, and requires as little as a few hours a week...

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We accept donations in a variety of forms including food stuffs, financial donations, giftcards, and more!

All donations to the SCO are directly distributed to our clients!