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The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul of Vancouver Island is a registered charity under the British Columbia Society's Act, and as such has a defined Constitution and Bylaws. The Society is managed by an Executive Director who is accountable to a Board of Directors.

The stakeholders of the Society include the people we serve, our donors, our local, provincial and federal funders and the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul National Council of Canada. The Society prides itself on transparency and accountability. This web site was developed as a way to enhance accessibility to our services and programs and increase awareness within our communities of the works of the Society.

The Society on Vancouver Island is part of an international family of Vincentians who follow both the Rules and Statutes of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul of Canada and the laws and regulations for Registered Charities and nonprofit Societies in British Columbia and Canada. The Particular Council is an advisory Council to the Board of Directors to ensure that the Mission and Vision of the Society is maintained and that the decisions and directions of the programs and services are in keeping with the 'Rule' of the Society internationally.

Particular Council

Historically, the need for a Particular Council manifested itself as soon as the Society began to grow out of its 'only one' Conference composition in 1835 and started to become a multi-celled organization.

A Particular Council is usually composed of 4 to 12 conferences in the same vicinity, for example, a town, a rural region, a diocese or, in the case of a large metropolitan area, a neighborhood or district. It is the first level of councils within the Society. However, its size may vary depending on local practices and geography. The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul of Vancouver Island Board of Directors has an advisor Council called the Victoria Particular Council which follows the geographic boundaries of the Catholic Diocese of Victoria (all of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands).

The Particular Council:
  • Animates and coordinates the activities of conferences in their ministry
  • Serves the conferences by furthering charitable activities
  • Makes sure that the conferences do not do anything to jeopardize the Society.

The Particular Council keeps conferences informed about:
  • Changing social conditions
  • New issues and programs
  • Modification of, or additions to internal policies and procedures as well as changes in the Operations Manual
  • Major events.

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul of Vancouver Island has two Particular Councils - The Victoria Particular Council which encompasses Conferences in the Capital Regional District and the North Vancouver Island Particular Council which encompasses all conferences north of the Malahat.